Sky Q Multiswitch Triax TMDS 516 C 16 outputs


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Sky Q Multiswitch Triax MDS 516 C 16 outputs

Sky Q compatible Multiswitches

The Sky Q must be set into SCR mode – Home menu – 001 select – LNB setup – Change to SCR mode

Will Require DC Term Blocks x 5 if used as end of line switch.

The TRIAX TMDS 5x Series provides:
4 x cascadeable LNB inputs from a universal Quattro LNB: VL HL VH HH
1 x terrestrial trunk.
4 x (TMDS 54 C) or 8 x (TMDS 58 C) – SCR/Legacy subscriber outputs for SkyQ boxes, each providing access to 16 x SCR User Bands or a single Legacy.
1 x DC input.
2 x Toggle Switches for: DC sourcing (A) and TER AMP (active/passive) (D)

Voltage Input: 20V max
Current: 600mA max
LNB Current: 500mA max
LNB Inputs:* 950MHz – 2150MHz *LNB Trunk lines have DC Pass (20V)
Terrestrial Input:** 40MHz – 790MHz **Terrestrial Trunk lines do not have DC Pass

All 4 LNB trunks are DC isolated from each other, so 13 and 18VDC can be supplied separately from trunk-out to trunk-in. Also, the last 4 LNB trunks should always be terminated with DC-blocked 75 Ohm terminators. Likewise, all unused SCR/Legacy outputs should be terminated with 75 ohm terminator for proper terrestrial signals.