Fransat Thomson THS805 HD plus viewing card


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Fransat is a French digital TV service which offers 18 national mainstream French satellite channels all in HD quality including TF1, France 2, 3, 4, 5, M6, LCP etc on Atlantic Bird 3 @ 5W. Best of all the viewing card for Fransat has an unlimited life which means no monthly fees, so the Fransat channels are free to view, you simply buy the receiving equipment and there is nothing more to pay.

Mod. Thomson THS805 Fransat HD

HD Satellite receiver with extensive entertainment and great versatility for FRANSAT HD channels via EUTELSAT 5WA (ATLANTIC BIRD 3)

Extensive entertainment and great versatility THOMSON’s THS805 provides exceptional pictures and sound of FRANSAT channels via EUTELSAT 5WA (ATLANTIC BIRD 3). THS805 is an HD Receiver for Fransat and Free-to-Air TV and radio programmes in High Definition as well as Standard Definition. This superior Fransat receiver with smartcard reader is well equipped offering extensive entertainment and great versatility.

Product overview

  • Quick installation of FRANSAT channels
  • USB for recording, playback of music files and photos
  • Viaccess card reader
  • 4000 channels memory capacity
  • Infrared extender for freedom of placement
  • Favourite lists for TV- and radio programmes
  • Display showing channel number or time
  • Teletext, multi-lingual subtitles and audio track support
  • Digital audio via coaxial output (S / PDIF)
  • Parental control menu and programs
  • Excellent video and audio quality