Fransat PC6 viewing card 48 months


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Fransat PC6 replacement card 48 months.

Effective April 15, 2019, FRANSAT will begin a campaign to replace FRANSAT HD PC5 generation access cards, the technology of which no longer ensures the protection of the rights of programs broadcast by the French satellite channels operator.

FRANSAT explains that this measure is the consequence of the hacking that forced the operator to respond with countermeasures that are no longer effective on this generation of cards.

Only the owners of a FRANSAT decoder or TV module associated with a PC5 HD card whose number is between 333 53 XX XXX and 333 58 XX XXX will be affected.

FRANSAT users affected will have 3 weeks to replace their card otherwise they will no longer be able to view the Fransat channels. These new cards will expire after 4 years from first activation.

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