Satellite dish replacement in Walthamstow

I was called by a long-standing customer in Walthamstow who I have been serving for over a decade. Usual symptoms, no signal from satellite dish message on the screen, etc.

Normally a dish realignment would sort the problem out but in this case the reason of the bad reception was mainly the state of the dish itself. I remember installing this dish  when I first started this job as a satellite engineer, so that’s over 10 years ago.

The bottom part of the arm which holds the LNB got regularly water logged, and so rusted to a breaking point. This is a major design flow of satellite dishes made over 10 years ago. New satellite dishes are now made of aluminium  and a new mounting system will not allow any water logging even in harsh british weather.

This is a common problem on old dishes so if you had your satellite dish installed more than 10 year ago it may be time for a check and an upgrade. Contact me to book your service now.