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Digital Plus Spain viewing cards now available

Digital Plus Spain viewing cards now available for online sale and home dish installation.

Canal+ Spain provide a wide selection of channel and package options for the Spanish satellite television service; viewing cards can be upgraded to suit your own viewing tastes. Canal Digital Plus is a European pay TV provider and normally broadcasts at least two of the EPL matches live on a Saturday.

Digital Plus Spain viewing cards provide has bouquets from the basic service to a full-blown package, and whilst the choice is not as much as the 200-300 channels that you may be used to in the US or UK, there is plenty to watch with the options and addons. All Digital Plus Spain viewing cards provide access to the main stream Spanish national channels such as La Uno, La Dos, Antena 3, Cuatro, Telecinco, laSexta othewise not visible free to air.
Bouquets available:

La Liga: This basic viewing card package offers football all year round with CANAL+ La Liga

Premium Sport: 7 sports dedicated sport channels with football, golf, NBA and great national and International competitions

Cinema: 6 dedicated cinema channels of movies on Canal+, C+Action, DCine Spanish or TCM

Total: Premium bouquet with over 100 channels for the best of Digital+ Spain

Addons: Beef up your bouquet with extra sport, events and hot channels

Check the Canal Digital Plus page to find out more

Glasgow 2014: Commonwealth Games on the BBC

_74671258_336x190[1]BBC Sport will bring audiences all the action live from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games across TV, radio, online and mobile from 23 July.

Including more than 300 hours of network TV coverage, 200 hours of radio coverage and over 1,300 hours of live action via up to 17 digital streams, this will be the most comprehensive BBC coverage of a Commonwealth Games and Para-sports programme to date.

Gary Lineker, Clare Balding, Gabby Logan and Hazel Irvine lead the BBC TV coverage on BBC One and BBC One HD.

They will be joined by a stellar list of experts that includes Olympic gold medallists Rebecca Adlington, Michael Johnson and Sir Chris Hoy.
You can follow the Commonwealth Games on your tablet and TV at the same time

You can follow the Commonwealth Games on your tablet and TV at the same time

Coverage will start at 06:00 BST on BBC Breakfast before live action gets under way at 09:00 and continues throughout the day until 22:30.

At 22:40, Today at the Games brings you the best of the day’s action and news.

BBC Three and BBC Three HD will become a dedicated sporting channel for the Games, bringing audiences further coverage from 09:00-22:00.

Glasgow 2014 will be BBC Sport’s biggest ever digital Commonwealth Games, with up to 17 live video streams available across any device – an increase from six streams in 2010.

All the action from every event, sport and venue will be available live and on-demand across PCs, tablets, mobiles and connected TVs, with even greater choice and interactivity than ever before:

The Commonwealth Games live page, available from, will combine the BBC’s full range of live video and radio streams, highlights, text commentary, live votes and a live medal table

It’s also the place to join the conversation, with all the best comments and opinions from across social media, email and text, alongside those from BBC Sport’s expert reporters and pundits

For the first time, audiences can use the BBC Sport mobile and tablet apps to receive medal alerts for all the countries they want to follow, including all the Home Nations

BBC Sport’s Commonwealth Games website will have all the latest news, features and analysis. Audiences can also plan their viewing with our daily guide to the best of the action, as well as a full clickable event schedule, interactive medal table and results.

Viewers will also have the choice of up to seven extra streams on BBC Red Button – depending on your receiver – while those with BBC Connected Red Button will have access to up to 17 streams.
BBC Radio 5 live’s team

Nicky Campbell (centre) starts BBC Radio 5 live’s coverage at 06:00 every day

Radio 5 live will deliver more than 200 hours of action and breaking news to listeners during Glasgow 2014.

Nicky Campbell will present the breakfast show live from 06:00. Then, from 10:00, 5 live’s team will have extensive coverage throughout the day, with Colin Paterson rounding up the action from 23:00-01:00.

Sports fans can follow the Games wherever they are by listening live via the 5 live website, the BBC iPlayer Radio app or the BBC Sport app.

The best highlights and insight will also be available on the ‘In Short’ section of the 5 live website.

BBC Nations and Regions news and sports teams will be following the Home Nations’ successes closely, reporting on the stories and athletes from their cities and towns.

In addition, the BBC News Channel’s Commonwealth Games Sportsday will round up all the action from 23:40 until midnight on BBC One, BBC One HD and the BBC News Channel.

Director of BBC Sport Barbara Slater said: “The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games is one of the biggest sporting events of this year. The BBC coverage reflects our commitment to delivering great sporting events with the determination to continue the standards of broadcasting previously seen at Olympic Games.”

Complementing the BBC Sport programming, BBC Scotland will put on a series of cultural festivities, including 16 days of major events from a pop-up ‘BBC at the Quay’ and a raft of Commonwealth programming.

Full TV coverage on BBC website

Global Invacom releases satellite TV MDU distribution chipset

Global Invacom, a leading innovator and manufacturer of technology to the global satellite industry, has launched a new chip-set that dramatically opens up the market for cost effective products, useable world-wide, for the distribution of multiple satellite TV services over fibre in residential MDUs, hotels and the enterprise.

For the first time the Romeo & Juliet chip-set enables OEMs to develop their own range of FibreIRS™ compatible products for any satellite TV service frequency plan in the world with a single, programmable design.

Global Invacom developed the FibreIRS™ architecture and products to allow cost effective satellite TV service distribution throughout MDUs and hotels. Resilient, lightweight optical fibre cable backbones are used rather than traditional expensive coaxial cable that is highly susceptible to interference and picture degradation and requires signal amplifiers throughout the building.

“The Romeo & Juliet chip-set enables single programmable FibreIRS™ compatible satellite TV service distribution products to be software configurable for any of the many satellite TV frequency plans used in the world,” said Malcolm Burrell, Technical Director.

“Opening up the global FibreIRS™ market to all OEMs is a great opportunity for the satellite TV industry because single programmable global products radically reduce manufacturing proliferation driving cost reductions and increased ROI,” said Ian Walsh, VP Business Development.

Novità SKY Italia – History visibile a tutti i clienti Sky in Luglio sui canali 128 e 407

A partire dal mese di luglio il canale dedicato agli avvenimenti ed ai grandi protagonisti del nostro passato sarà visibile sia al canale 407 che sul canale 128. E per festeggiare arriva tutta una serie di imperdibili appuntamenti in prima visione assoluta: dalla grande guerra alle sfide fra i miti della musica, dalla caccia agli alligatori della Louisiana agli anniversari. Tutto questo solo su History Channel HD

Ecco i principali appuntamenti a Luglio sul canale:

World Wars – Il mondo in guerra
Da giovedì 3, ore 21.00
Gli anni che hanno cambiato la storia, le guerre mondiali vissute con gli occhi degli uomini che hanno avuto in mano il destino del mondo: la Prima Guerra Mondiale ha cambiato loro, nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale loro hanno cambiato il mondo. 1914-1945: trent’anni che hanno segnato la nostra storia. Due conflitti mondiali, l’avvento dei regimi totalitari, la crisi e la rinascita della democrazia in Europa. Al centro di questi avvenimenti le personalità, politiche e militari, che hanno condizionato la vita di milioni di persone. In occasione del centenario dello scoppio della Prima Guerra Mondiale, History rivive questo periodo drammatico, con la serie evento World Wars – Il mondo in guerra.

WWI: La prima guerra moderna
Lunedì 28 e martedì 29, ore 21.00
I primi carri armati. I primi aerei. Le prime armi chimiche. La Grande Guerra è stata la prima guerra moderna, rivoluzionaria nella tecnologia ma anche orribile nelle conseguenze, con oltre 16 milioni di morti e 20 milioni di feriti. Questa miniserie in quattro episodi ricostruisce le principali innovazioni tecnologiche protagoniste del primo conflitto mondiale: carri armati che scuotevano i campi di battaglia, sottomarini che agitavano i mari e aerei che striavano i cieli, cinque anni in cui la tecnologia diventa protagonista delle guerre, mostrando tutta la debolezza delle passate strategie militari.

Swamp people: Duelli a sangue freddo
Da martedì 8, ore 23.00
Si riapre su History la stagione di caccia agli alligatori della Louisiana, la sfida più pericolosa, avvincente e adrenalinica d’America. Come ogni anno, nel profondo sud della Louisiana arrivano, più agguerriti che mai, i cacciatori di coccodrilli di tutti gli Stati Uniti. L’obiettivo è sempre quello: catturare il maggior numero possibile di creature in soli 30 giorni. Riparte con una nuova entusiasmante stagione Swamp People: Duelli a sangue freddo, la caccia più difficile in uno dei luoghi più remoti, ostili e misteriosi degli Stati Uniti.

History Factor
Da venerdì 4, ore 22:00
10 prime serate, 10 grandi duelli. Ogni mercoledì una sfida all’ultima nota tra gli artisti che hanno fatto la storia della musica mondiale. Dai miti senza tempo come Bruce Springsteen e Bono alle band che hanno rivoluzionato il rock come i Genesis e i Pink Floyd, dai più provocatori e scandalosi divi degli Anni ‘80 come Boy George e George Michael ai gruppi che hanno sdoganato l’heavy metal, gli Aerosmith e i Guns N’ Roses, fino alle leggende del famoso “Club 27” come Kurt Cobain ed Amy Winehouse. Con immagini di repertorio, video inediti e interviste esclusive ad amici e colleghi, History Factor celebra gli artisti che hanno rivoluzionato la musica mondiale con la loro voce, le loro canzoni e la loro straordinaria personalità.


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