Rai to bring 11 HD channels on Tivusat

RAI_HD_channels[1]Italian public broadcaster #Rai will bring the total number of HD channels to 11 on the country’s free-to-view DTH platform #TivuSat. An Ultra HD/4k channel is also in the works.

The introduction of the HD channels will come in phases: in January 2016 the number of HD channels will increase from the current four (HD Rai 1, Rai 2 HD, Rai 3 HD, and Rai Sport 1 HD) to seven with the addition of Rai Movie HD, Rai Premium HD and Rai 4 HD.

The satellite platform will have three temporary event channels in August, during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro: Rai will dedicate three channels to the Olympics, all in HD.

In September another four channels will be added: Rai 5 HD, HD Rai News 24, Rai Gulp HD, and Rai YoYo HD.

All the new HD channels will exclusively be available on the TivuSat free-to-view DTH platform. On the country’s DTT network there are currently seven HD channels available, divided between Rai, Mediaset and La 7.

In addition, an experimental 4k/Ultra HD channel will be launched at the end of 2016, or the beginning of 2017.

Source: Broadband TV News

Sport remains driver for home services

bt-sport-football-flags[1]Forget saving money, the UK consumer still chooses their TV offer based on premium sports, according to new research from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Data for the 3 months ending 30 September, shows Sky, BT and Virgin Media all gaining a share in overall market sales on the last quarter thanks to their strong sports offer, at the expense of TalkTalk – a considerably cheaper option.

Imran Choudhary, consumer insight director at Kantar Worldpanel, comments: “BT has been heavily promoting its newly acquired UEFA European Champions League football content and as a result has seen its market share grow by over 3.8 percentage points compared with the three months before. In fact, over a quarter of those customers who joined BT in the last three months cited its sports package as the reason for doing so – higher than any other provider. Meanwhile, Sky has grown share by 3.2 percentage points to 30.2% thanks to its premier league football content and value-driven Broadband Unlimited package, which offers 12 months free broadband.”

Offering both BT Sports and Sky Sports through its platform, Virgin Media’s market share has grown by over 1.8 percentage points in the past quarter. Alongside its popular sports packages, all three of the major players have also increased either the length or strength of their broadband discounts in the last quarter.

While TalkTalk launched its £11-per-month sports boost earlier this August, the lack of BT Sports as part of this has hampered its share growth in the run up to the new football season, and its overall share is down by 4.7 percentage points on last quarter.

HDanywhere: mHub 2K 1×4 splitter and new mHub 2K 8×8

mHub2K-8x8-2[1]HDanywhere have expanded their mHub family, introducing a slimline mHub 2K 1×4 HDMI splitter with local HDMI out aimed at small to mid-scale projects for homeowners who want multiroom HDTV without having to invest in a full-blown costly matrix system, and the mHub 2K 8×8 matrix, delivering Full HD 1080p video, stereo pr multichannel audio and two-way IR up to 50m / 164 ft over a single Cat6 cable from eight source devices to eight displays.

Comprised of a central hub and four display receivers, the mHub 2K 1×4  HDMI splitter delivers Full HD 1080p@60Hz up to 50m over a single Cat cable from one HDMI set top box to four displays with two-way IR. The local HDMI out allows for the integration of a fifth display, as the splitter’s small form factor means that it can be neatly located near the primary household TV. Alternatively it can be used for an AVR in a multichannel zone or can be used for stacking several mHub 2K 1x4s to enable distribution to more screens.

The new mHub 2K 8×8 features added audio capabilities that make system integration simpler, with  ARC (on RX) or downmixed 2.0 audio extraction possible via 3.5mm jack port on the central chassis. it has been engineered to be equally as dependable and as easy to install as the popular mHub 2K 4×4 model, which is known for its speed of switching and versatility.  The 8×8 model similarly caters to a range of home sizes and provides a well rounded, all-in-one multiroom HDTV system at an attractive price point,

Both the 1×4 and the 8×8 are available to order online, or with full installation, including design and wiring of the infrastructure for both residential and commercial properties in and around London.

Visit the HDanywhere™ dedicated page or enquiry about HDanywhere™ design and installation.

Source: HD Connectivity

French satellite TV TNTSAT decoders and cards now available

tntsat card and decoderLondon SatMan now stocks TNTSAT cards and decoders for French satellite TV channels.

TNTSAT viewing cards and decoders have all the mainstream French national channels such as TF1, France 2, France 3, and they require a 60cm dish pointing at Astra1 @ 19.2E. TNTSAT viewing cards last 4 years from activation, and best of all, the decoder provided is compatible with Canal+ viewing card, just in case in the future you decide to upgrade your subcription.

Available to buy online or with full installation for London area.

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Humax Tivumax Recorder Twin Tuner HDR-1001S HD soon in stock

Humax Tivumax Recorder HDR-1001S HD twin tunerLondon SatMan is now stocking the Humax Tivumax HDR-1001S HD twin tuner receiver for the bouquet Tivusat.

Humax Tivumax HDR-1001S HD is the new high-definition satellite receiver with features such as PVR Ready via internal hard disk ** and USB, DLNA home networking.

It gives free access to all the channels broadcasted by TivùSat, the platform which offers all the free terrestrial Italian channels to the satellite, from DVB-T to DVB-S2.

Together with a striking new design, the Humax Tivumax HDR-1001S HD has wide range of innovative features and provides the best opportunity to receive HD programming including Tivùsat and other international channels.

TivuMax Recorder is also an innovative solution that allows to record up to 2 programmes while watching a 3rd one thanks to its Twin Tuner and embedded Hard Disk Drive**

Its common interface slot in addition to the TIVUSAT compliant smart card reader gives you the opportunity to subscribe to any other PayTV platform.

Last but not least, connecting your box to the net via the ethernet port or wireless (dongle in option) will allow you to access YouTube or your favorit social networks thanks to the Humax Apps portal.*

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