HDanywhere: mHub 2K 1×4 splitter and new mHub 2K 8×8

mHub2K-8x8-2[1]HDanywhere have expanded their mHub family, introducing a slimline mHub 2K 1×4 HDMI splitter with local HDMI out aimed at small to mid-scale projects for homeowners who want multiroom HDTV without having to invest in a full-blown costly matrix system, and the mHub 2K 8×8 matrix, delivering Full HD 1080p video, stereo pr multichannel audio and two-way IR up to 50m / 164 ft over a single Cat6 cable from eight source devices to eight displays.

Comprised of a central hub and four display receivers, the mHub 2K 1×4  HDMI splitter delivers Full HD [email protected] up to 50m over a single Cat cable from one HDMI set top box to four displays with two-way IR. The local HDMI out allows for the integration of a fifth display, as the splitter’s small form factor means that it can be neatly located near the primary household TV. Alternatively it can be used for an AVR in a multichannel zone or can be used for stacking several mHub 2K 1x4s to enable distribution to more screens.

The new mHub 2K 8×8 features added audio capabilities that make system integration simpler, with  ARC (on RX) or downmixed 2.0 audio extraction possible via 3.5mm jack port on the central chassis. it has been engineered to be equally as dependable and as easy to install as the popular mHub 2K 4×4 model, which is known for its speed of switching and versatility.  The 8×8 model similarly caters to a range of home sizes and provides a well rounded, all-in-one multiroom HDTV system at an attractive price point,

Both the 1×4 and the 8×8 are available to order online, or with full installation, including design and wiring of the infrastructure for both residential and commercial properties in and around London.

Visit the HDanywhere™ dedicated page or enquiry about HDanywhere™ design and installation.

Source: HD Connectivity