Goodbye Freshdesk, hello HESK, Open Source support desk

After many years London SatMan is changing the ticketing system used to support all customer enquiries. Since the launch of this new venture in 2014, Freshdesk has been the partner of choice to manage emails and support requests.

Every business receive countless emails every day and it’s hard to deal with them using just a webmail or clients like Outlook or Thunderbird. So the best way is to route all emails to a ticketing system.

So far Freshdesk has been reliable and of great help but in the last few months London SatMan support email has been bombarded by thousands spam emails from some Russian server which made dealing with your requests very hard.

So as here at London SatMan customer service is one of the priorities, I have decided to switch to a new Open Source ticketing system, HESK, which has now been implemented on the server.

No much will change from your side, support email will still be the same, and the old tickets will still be available for me to retrieve. There will only be some change in the way emails, and so tickets will displayed on your email client (like ticketing IDs).

Customers will still be able to open a new ticket or comment an existing one by simply replying to emails received. Alternatively to view the whole conversation or open a new ticket the new help desk portal address is

I hope this transition will make communications easier and I aim to respond to any enquiry within 48 hrs as usual, normally less. So goodbye Freshdesk, and hello to HESK.

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