Fransat viewing cards and decoders now available, UK stock

778418fb3f4b4f41480a8df4d2b75495.image.300x300[1]Great news from London SatMan: the shop now stocks French provider Fransat decoders and cards.

Fransat is a French digital TV service which offers 18 national mainstream satellite channels (plus addition 6 HD channels) including TF1, France 2, 3, 4, 5, M6, LCP etc on Atlantic Bird 3 @ 5W. Best of all the viewing card for Fransat has an unlimited life which means no monthly fees, the above channels are free to view, you simply buy the receiving equipment and there is nothing more to pay.

Two models available, standard definition and HD. Both includes genuine Fransat viewing card for unlimited viewing of French satellite TV channels on Atlantic Bird 3 @ 5W.


Mod. Thomson THS402 Fransat (standard definition)

Exceptional and excellent

Connect the THS402 to your TV and enjoy the variety of FRANSAT’s channel offer as well as Free-To-Air channels via ATLANTIC BIRD 3. Don’t get angry any longer, if you can’t find your paper TV guide – the THS402 is equipped with an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for current/ following programme information. You will also appreciate the included IR extender for hidden placement and maximum operating range. The automatic standby function helps to save energy.


Mod. Thomson THS803 Fransat (high definition)

HD Satellite receiver with extensive entertainment and great versatility for FRANSAT channels via EUTELSAT 5WA (ATLANTIC BIRD 3)

Extensive entertainment and great versatility

THOMSON’s THS803 provides exceptional pictures and sound of FRANSAT channels via EUTELSAT 5WA (ATLANTIC BIRD 3). THS803 is an HD Receiver for Fransat and Free-to-Air TV and radio programmes in High Definition as well as Standard Definition. This superior Fransat receiver with smartcard reader is well equipped offering extensive entertainment and great versatility.


Both models are available to buy online and/or for home installation. Contact London SatMan if you require satellite dish installation in London area.