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The reason for my email to you today is in regards to upgrading our TV box to a Tivusat box with activated card.
We have had Italian TV for around 20 years.  Our current box, which is approximately 11 years old is a Humax F2-Fox.  Our dish is approximately 90cm from my recollection.
We, like many other Italians have lost Mediaset channels and today I tried to find them, but to no available and have now also lost all the 3 RAI channels as well.
Therefore I am now looking to upgrade the box, so that it will be more user-friendly to use and retune as an when needed.
My questions are as follows:
Which Tivusat decoder and smart card would be best to gain all of the Italian channels?  
To get all the available italian channels, it would be recommended to go for the HD Tivusat decoder, as some channels are only available in HD. There are 2 to choose from, here:
With the latter being able to record.
Would we just be able to plug  in and use it though our existing cables?
I normally despatch decoders with card activated, and leave the clients to do the first time installation, but on request I would be happy to do that for you, so on delivery it will be ready to plug & play;
Do you think that we will need out satellite dish to be re-aligned to regain access to the channels? 
If the size of the dish is right, and you could receive the italian channels before, it should not need any maintenance. In case that some channels, once installed the decoder would not be available to you, then you may call an engineer to service the dish.

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