French provider Fransat uses a CI+ module which require a CI+ CERTIFIED satellite receiver or TV. I specify CERTIFIED because there are plenty of so called “CI+” receivers (amongst those the TM5502 HD) which claim to be CI+ but are not certified, and during one of my tests the Fransat CAM failed to descramble channels. Don’t know if this has now been resolved (it was back in May) but for this reason I avoid to sell the combination CAM + card as it would lead to customers complaining for reasons which would be beyond my control.

The¬†Fransat official decoders¬†never fail under that point of view and that’s the reason why I’m only selling those. Other than reading the card properly, they have LCN function which update and stores French channels in the right order automatically¬† (i.e. TF1 @ 1, France 2 @ 2, etc) and come with good features such as recording functions by external USB HDD and a neat infrared remote eye for tidy decoder storage in any TV cabinet.

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