Digital Plus Spain viewing cards now available

Digital Plus Spain viewing cards now available for online sale and home dish installation.

Canal+ Spain provide a wide selection of channel and package options for the Spanish satellite television service; viewing cards can be upgraded to suit your own viewing tastes. Canal Digital Plus is a European pay TV provider and normally broadcasts at least two of the EPL matches live on a Saturday.

Digital Plus Spain viewing cards provide has bouquets from the basic service to a full-blown package, and whilst the choice is not as much as the 200-300 channels that you may be used to in the US or UK, there is plenty to watch with the options and addons. All Digital Plus Spain viewing cards provide access to the main stream Spanish national channels such as La Uno, La Dos, Antena 3, Cuatro, Telecinco, laSexta othewise not visible free to air.
Bouquets available:

La Liga: This basic viewing card package offers football all year round with CANAL+ La Liga

Premium Sport: 7 sports dedicated sport channels with football, golf, NBA and great national and International competitions

Cinema: 6 dedicated cinema channels of movies on Canal+, C+Action, DCine Spanish or TCM

Total: Premium bouquet with over 100 channels for the best of Digital+ Spain

Addons: Beef up your bouquet with extra sport, events and hot channels

Check the Canal Digital Plus page to find out more