BIS TV viewing cards for French satellite channels now in stock at London SatMan

London SatMan now stocks French satellite TV provider Bis TV viewing cards.

Bis TV viewing card Panorama 12 month subscription. French satellite TV card for the whole family. Through the range of channels offered, BIS TV addresses a wide audience and covers mainstream channels for French viewers:

French national mainstream channels: TF1 HD, France 2 HD, M6 HD, France 3, W9, RTL9, NT1, TMC, Teva, Canal + (when available)
Entertainment channels: France 4, AB1, Direct8, W9
Children programs: Gulli, Manga, Game One
Culture and documentary channels: LCP, France 5, France Ô, Arte, Trek, Hunting and fishing, whole story, Animals, Encyclo, TV5 Monde, TV8 Mont Blanc (excluding Hotbird)
The best music on NRJ12, Direct Star
24 hrs French news channels: BFM TV, i Tele (AB3 only), France 24, LCP
Sports channels: AB engines Equidia Live

plus all other free to air channels available on the satellite. BIS TV viewing card requires a Viaccess enabled satellite receiver or a modern Viaccess CAM module. Bis TV now broadcast in MPEG4, which means it will require an high definition receiver.

Bis TV can be received from Hotbird 13E and require a suitable dish (60/80cm) and satellite receiver.

Bis TV Panorama viewing card can be upgraded at the time of purchase with movie channels (Cinesport) and adult channels (Night). Please check other listing for Cinerama and Ultimum. Viaccess CAM and/or HD digital satellite receivers are also available at discounted price if purchased together with the card.

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